About Exchange Machines

About Exchange Machines

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We are an online network of machinery stockists suppliers & distributors of machinery & machinery consultants

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  • We directly link buyers to sellers.
  • We have a huge buyer database.
  • Network business links forged over thirty years or trading.
  • We have been successfully buying and selling machines for over thirty years.
  • We will help you get the correct market value for your listing.
  • We will contact our buyers directly for you.
  • Control Your advertisements or have our marketing experts list your product.
  • Superb customer services
  • Translation services available.

Sell Similar

  • If you have the same product as one already listed, use our sell similar for quick and easy listing of your product/s.


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Machinery Listing Conditions Thant Can Be Applied

  • Clearance
  • For Part or Not Working
  • Manufacturer Refurbished
  • New
  • Seller Refurbished
  • Used
  • Wanted