Export & Packaging Services

Export & Packaging Services

Exporting & Importing machinery to a different location

Export & Packaging Services

Quality timber packing cases made to measure, wooden framework, protective caging and cradles.

For water sensitive products, fully enclosed vacuum sealed foil bags for maximum moisture resistance.

Palletising and stretch-wrapping services. Re-usable cases for exhibitions and multiple use.

Specialist treated timber cases manufactured to meet certain countries regulations.

Experts in heavy industrial machinery. Container loading, block, brace and securing.

Exporting & Importing machinery to a different location

When production machinery & equipment requires to be transferred to and from the UK , working in conjunction with world renowned freight forwarding companies can offer a complete start to finish worldwide equipment relocation. We provide comprehensive export service, from collection at your premises or job site to final delivery and installation.

Our experience in exporting means you can leave the paperwork to us. We’ll take care of all transit, customs documentation and customs clearance.

Fragile or delicate parts are suitably protected, we also provide a full chocking and securing service if required.

Location: Halifax, west yorkshire

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